Billionaire Mega-Donor Tom Steyer Picks Favorite AG Hopefuls; More Global Warming Cases Possible

Forbes cited CEI’s report by Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner, “Government for Rent.”

recent report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute says special interests are using state AGs to pursue their own climate policies.

Donors have been coordinating meetings between plaintiffs lawyers and AGs, CEI says. It has been previously reported that the New York University School of Law, through a nearly $6 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, is sending special environmental prosecutors to the offices of 10 state attorneys general – all Democrats.

“This is the most dangerous example of a modus operandi we have found: it uses nonprofit organizations as pass-through entities by which donors can support elected officials to, in turn, use their offices to advance a specific set of policies favored by said donors,” CEI’s report says.

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