Bloomberg-Funded Fellow Signed NY AG’s Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon

The Daily Caller cited CEI’s report by Christopher C. Horner, Law Enforcement for Rent.

Matthew Eisenson, a special assistant in the New York AG’s office, signed a lawsuit the state filed Wednesday alleging Exxon misled investors about the risks the company’s oil products pose to the environment. He is one of several lawyers associated with Bloomberg Philanthropies the state hired through the NYU State Environmental Energy Impact Center.

Critics believe Bloomberg Philanthropies is being used as a type of pass-through entity through which donors can support elected officials with resources that legislatures will not provide and which donors cannot legally provide directly.

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum also raised alarms in June after her office hired environmental lawyer Steve Novick as a special assistant AG (SAAG). Rosenblum is a longtime Democrat and politician who has served as the state’s top law enforcer since 2012.

“Are we sure it is correct to refer to him as a ‘volunteer.’ And not an employee,” Rosenblum asked her deputy AG in a June 17 email. “Can you be an unpaid employee of the State? As a SAAG doesn’t that make one an employee?” Her email was included in a June report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute detailing the extent of Bloomberg’s campaign.

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