California’s Clean Air Act Waiver Should Be Yanked, Trump’s Former Environmental Advisor Says

Los Angeles Times covers California’s Clean Air Act waiver and Myron Ebell’s comments at a training program hosted by the National Press Foundation.

The head of President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency may not be prepared to battle California over air regulations, but the man who led Trump’s transition team for the department is ready.

Myron Ebell, who works at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington and helped devise Trump’s environmental agenda, said California should not be allowed to set its own standards for greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle tailpipes.

The state has that authority under a Clean Air Act waiver granted by President Obama, one of dozens that have been issued over the years.

“The waiver has to go, in my view,” Ebell told journalists on Monday at a training program organized by the National Press Foundation.

The problem, he said, is that the California regulations are a backdoor attempt to regulate fuel economy, a power that’s reserved for the federal government.

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