CEI pushes back after AG drops subpoena

One News Now discusses Attorney General Claude Walker withdrawing the subpoena against CEI with Sam Kazman. 

In recent days, Walker dropped his subpoena against the Competitive Enterprise Institute amid criticism that he was abusing his power as attorney general.

"We think it largely vindicates our claim that he's been acting unconstitutionally," says Sam Kazman, general counsel for Competitive Enterprise Institute. "But we're going to continue with our court motions to get this attorney general punished."

CEI has a motion in Washington, D.C. that seeks recovery of attorney fees and other expenses, not to mention whatever appropriate sanctions the court decides are due.

"This, in our view, has been a constitutional outrage from day one," Kazman says. Attorney General Walker has "done quite a bit of damage" and should be held accountable, he says.

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