Chips are Down for Online Gamblers as US Moves Toward New Ban

Daily Mail cited Senior Fellow Michelle Minton on online gambling:

But Michelle Minton, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the move would just force gamblers to go to illegal sites with fewer scruples.

“Prohibition has never worked,” Minton said. “It just turns law-abiding citizens into lawbreakers and reduces the level of trust in government.”

Minton said the new legal opinion is likely to create further confusion, and may dissuade states from authorizing new internet gambling operations. It is likely to lead to spate of legal challenges over online betting in various state, she added.

“They may choose to not prosecute, knowing it will never hold up in a court of law, and as a result the uncertainty in the law would persist,” she said. “My bet is that there won’t be prosecutions.”

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