Clinton Foundation Skirting State Laws, Dem Attorney General Says No Problem

The Daily Caller mentions CEI's lawsuit against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. 

Despite publicly extolling the virtue of transparency, Schneiderman himself is the subject of multiple lawsuits alleging secret coordination with other state attorneys general and nonprofit groups. The Competitive Enterprise Institute brought a lawsuit against him after his office denied a Freedom of Information Act request to release all documents involving a common-interest agreement between his office and green activists seeking to intimidate groups who don’t acknowledge climate change. The lawsuit comes in connection with Schneiderman’s public crusade with over a dozen other state AGs against ExxonMobil for its stance on climate change. The case has since faltered. 

“What is AG Schneiderman’s office trying to hide?” CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman said in a statement. “None of the reasons Schneiderman claimed for withholding these documents are legitimate under New York law.”

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