Coalition Presses Trump to Endorse Coal-Based Climate Plan

Washington Examiner reports on CEI’s digital ad petitioning the President to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty.

“Remaining in the agreement endangers energy prices under­pinning the U.S. manufacturing renaissance Trump favors, while also risking that activist courts will reimpose restrictions such as the EPA ‘war on coal’ rules that Trump says he’ll undo,” wrote Chris Horner, a senior fellow with the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, in a USA Today op-ed published Thursday.

CEI started an online ad and petition campaign on Tuesday to prod the president not to be swayed from his promise to leave the climate deal.

Horner likened the industry groups that support the deal to energy company Enron, which engaged in criminal manipulation of the energy markets for financial gain.

“Seeking subsidies or competitive advantage for pro-environment industry under these schemes have motivated climate treaties since Enron pioneered the move in the mid-1990s (I was in the room). They seek to use government to profit at your expense,” he wrote.

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