Congress: Pruitt sidesteps Carper’s queries’s Daily Briefing discusses Scott Pruitt’s nomination to the Enviornmental Protection Agency with William Yeatman. 

Nevertheless, an official at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free-market group that supports Pruitt, is suggesting that at least some of the questions are not worth answering.

In a Jan. 11 blog post, CEI’s William Yeatman identified 13 questions from the dozens that Carper submitted that he says either “don’t make a lick of sense” or are based on “factual inaccuracies or otherwise demonstrate the Senator’s ignorance of how the EPA works.”

Others, he says, served to demonstrate “the excesses of the EPA during the Obama era,” while at least one question “serves no purpose other than to gum up the nomination process.”

In the “don’t make a lick of sense” category, Yeatman listed questions Carper asked about Pruitt’s definition of “sound science” and where he has obtained scientific information. Both questions, he says, are “imprecise.”

Those that allegedly demonstrate Carper’s unfamiliarity with EPA, Yeatman says, includes one that asks what types of environmental justice cases Pruitt has pursued as attorney general. But Yeatman says that he could not find “any evidence” that EPA under President Obama has brought a single environmental justice case. “Given that environmental justice is a federal concept, and that EPA hasn’t brought any such cases during Obama’s tenure, I don’t understand why the Attorney General of Oklahoma would have done so,” he writes.

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