Congress runner-up in ‘red tape’ production

One News Now discusses with Ryan Young the regulations created by the executive branch agencies, which far outweigh those from Congress. 

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Congress passed 87 laws in 2015. That same year, executive branch agencies announced 3,408 regulations. Ryan Young, fellow for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, points out that "the difference is a multiple of 39.” In other words, there were 39 federal rules for every one law passed by Congress.

Young tells OneNewsNow the ratio of laws from the executive branch compared to those from Congress has been as high as 51-1 and as low as 16-1 in recent years.

"I can't recall a year when it's been outside of double digits,” he says. “Most of the lawmaking is happening outside of Congress, and I think that's a problem that we need to address."

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