Conservatives Will Rue the Day They ‘Common Carrier’ Social Media

Real Clear Policy cites Senior Attorney Dan Greenburg and Director of the Center for Technology & Innovation Jessica Melugin’s paper arguing against regulating social media companies as common carriers:

An exciting development in the world of social media is the rise of open source self-help platforms that use blockchain and crypto currency to create open-source code that, in the words of Dan Greenberg and Jessica Melugin of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (authors of a must-read paper on this issue) allows users to “See how the algorithm works; allowing for decentralized control with no central authority dictating the rules. Neither Facebook, Twitter, nor any corporate entity acts as a content moderator on decentralized media; that control is held by the users themselves.” And, investment in new technologies in social media are growing. For example, there was a recent $300 million investment in BitClout spill media “app” that uses the Decentralized Social blockchain.

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