Corporate America May Be Best Hope to Re-Engage Trump on Climate

Bloomberg BNA discusses the possibility of a renegotiation of the Paris Climate Agreement with Myron Ebell.

You’d think U.S. companies would be ready to throw in the towel after they failed to sway President Donald Trump to stay in the landmark Paris climate pact.

But companies that favor U.S. engagement on climate are exploring ways to push the White House to re-think its approach to climate change and clean energy. They include bolstering formal business alliances; working with California and other states whose governors seek to engage business on the issue; and trying to reframe the climate discussion by using terms such as “more resilient infrastructure” in place of “adaptation.”

Myron Ebell, energy and environment director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who favored withdrawal from the Paris accord, said he reads any hint of a renegotiation as little more than a token acknowledgment to those in the Trump camp who favor international engagement.

“The president has clearly said that the only deal the U.S. would be interested in doing would be one that would serve America’s interests,” Ebell said. “As he has defined it, America’s interest is to be the world’s largest energy producer and to become one of the major coal, oil, and liquefied natural gas exporters in the world.”

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