Court Deals Virginia’s Anti-Exxon AG a Major Blow After Prolonged Legal Battle

The Daily Caller cited Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner on the case, Chris Horner and CEI v. Mark Herring:

A Virginia court ruled Monday against Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s attempt to hide information from a Washington, D.C., think tank seeking information about the state’s role in an attorney general-led climate crusade.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute sued Herring in 2018 for attempting to evade a Freedom of Information Act case seeking reasons why the Democratic attorney general denied requests for information confirming the state’s authority to hire privately funded lawyers.

CEI’s Chris Horner argued state law only allows assistant attorneys general to be paid through taxpayer expense.


“Today the Court rightly ruled that Attorney General Herring and his staff must not be permitted to avoid legitimate scrutiny under Virginia’s FOIA law by simply asserting ‘Trust us,’” Horner said in a press statement Monday night. “Unfortunately, as we informed the Court, this OAG has a history of providing false ‘No Records’ responses when records do in fact exist.”

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