Critics charge FCC with suppressing comments on privacy ruling

The Washington Examiner reports on a coalition CEI signed urging the Federal Communications Commission to extend its deadline for comment on broadband rules. 

"Comments are the public's one opportunity to influence the actions of a powerful, but unelected and, largely, unaccountable agency," a coalition of 30 groups said in a letter delivered to the agency late on Friday. "When that opportunity is stifled or restricted, steps must be taken to ensure that voices of Americans are sufficiently heard in the context of FCC proceedings."

The coalition, which includes organizations like the Center for Integrity and Public Policy, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Protect Internet Freedom, are calling on the agency to extend its deadline for comment on the rules, which would restrict how Internet service providers are allowed to use personal information collected from customers. Comments are presently due by May 27, with the deadline for a second round set for June 27.

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