Critics Push Back at Hillary Clinton’s Email Tweet

The Washington Examiner talks to CEI's Christopher Horner about the current administration's string of email scandals:

Chris Horner, a CEI senior fellow who in 2012 exposed former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson's illegal use of a fake email name — "Richard Windsor" — pointed to a footnote in Kessler's ruling that could have a significant bearing on the outcome of Clinton's present difficulties.

"In footnote 8 buried on page 18 of 20, which curiously begins "Though not relevant here, …", Judge Kessler writes, "an email is unlawfully "removed" (even when the agency has a copy) if there is some independent reason why the document should not appear on an unofficial account, such as the presence of classified information.Such 'removal' refers to the federal criminal code, Title 18 U.S.C. 2071, making it a felony to remove federal records, punishable by up to three years for each event."

Clinton "likely knew her decision would become public at some point, and that there would be an unpleasant news cycle. This is typical and apparently accepted practice for the Clintons. If she also considered these implications, it only reaffirms her sense of being above the law. If she didn't, it only calls into question her judgment that much more," Horner said.