Democrats force Clinton’s hand on prosecution of climate skeptics

The Washington Times discusses a coalition of attorney generals' intimidation campaign to silence debate on climate change with Sam Kazman. 

The recommendation threatens to drag into the presidential campaign a debate that until now had been waged largely by members of Congress and states’ attorneys general. A Democrat-led coalition of 17 attorneys general, known as AGs United for Clean Power, announced in March that it would pursue fossil fuel companies and others challenging the catastrophic climate consensus for possible fraud.

Sam Kazman, general counsel for the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the effort to inject party politics into what has already been described as an ideologically motivated effort to chill scientific debate comes as a “dangerous mix.”

“Whenever you have claims of fraud being tossed around in a policy debate, what’s going on is not consumer protection but an attempt at censorship, wholesale censorship,” Mr. Kazman said. “I think they [Democrats] have their eyes on appealing to certain constituencies. It’s not all that far a jump to call for the shutting down of the debate in order to get votes during the election.”

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