Desantis’ Ban Of Vaccine Passports Could Lead To Showdown With Businesses In Florida

The Orlando Sentinel cites Senior Fellow Joel Zinberg on vaccine passports:

“Every business has economic and reputational incentives to ensure that they have a safe place of business,” said Joel Zinberg, a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington, D.C., which has studied the issue. “That’s partly to protect their own employees and to reduce absenteeism. And it’s also to provide the public with a reassurance that this is a safe place to patronize.”

As inoculations have increased and eligibility ages were lowered over the past few months, more countries have either announced plans to create vaccination passports or are considering it, ZInberg said. The European Union is planning to issue digital and paper “green certificates,” Japan and China plan on creating digital passports, and the United Kingdom also is working on them.

At least 17 consortiums of private companies are also working on developing passport standards and shared software, Zinberg said, and one of the biggest companies in the country, Walmart, is already on board.

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