Desperate Democrats turn to states to salvage climate agenda, but will it work? discusses with Sam Kazman CEI's victory in their case against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. 

Late last month the Supreme Court of New York ruled that Schneiderman’s office failed to comply with the state’s Freedom of Information Law after the Competitive Enterprise Institute sought documents related to the AGs’ attacks on oil companies. The court said his office must submit a response to the original request within 30 days that “fully complies with the intent and purpose.”

CEI general counsel Sam Kazman said the decision was a blow to Schneiderman’s “anti-free speech campaign.”

“While the campaign by him and his cohorts that began in March continues against those who disagree with him on global warming, we are glad to see that it is being held subject to the basic laws of the land,” Kazman said in a statement. “By requiring Schneiderman to fully comply with our freedom of information request, the court is ensuring that agencies cannot use shortcuts as a means of skirting New York’s Freedom of Information law.”

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