Discredited Silent Spring is Still Being Taught in College Classrooms

The Daily Caller discusses with Angela Logomasini the impacts of anti-pesticide alarmism as perpetuated by "Silent Spring."

“‘Silent Spring'” had huge cultural and political impacts, so it’s understandable why people read the book, but students should read it with a critical eye. Not only was Carson rebuked in Science magazine when her book was first published, her anti-pesticide alarmism—particularly related to DDT–continues to have deadly consequences,” Dr. Angela Logomasini, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“DDT can be used safely and in limited quantities in and around homes to repel mosquitoes and save lives, but many governments ban or severely limit its use because of Carson-generated alarmism,” Logomasini continued. “Meanwhile, people continue to get sick from diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and now the Zika virus. An estimated half a million people—mostly children–die every year from malaria alone.”

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