Docs Show Dems Are Outsourcing Paris Climate Campaign to Liberal Outlets

The Daily Caller discusses the use of activist groups by Democratic governors to push a climate change agenda with Chris Horner.

The coalition of U.S. states working to stay in the Paris accord are relying on various environmental activist groups to do the heavy lifting in the campaign, according to a report Wednesday from The Washington Times.

A senior aide to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat and one of the de-facto leaders of the U.S. Climate Alliance, warned Climate Nexus Executive Director Jeff Nesbit in emails that some governors were considering removing themselves from the 14-member coalition meant to adhere to the agreement. The memos also show close coordination between the states and groups.

“Can you call me asap?” Sam Ricketts, director of Inslee’s office, asked in a June 5 email, that the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) received through a public information request. “Sounds like we states have some particular, and substantively very valid, concerns about how this coalition is messaged. If not met I think states will pull out.”

“It is inarguable. They are being given very expensive staff time and services,” Christopher Horner, a senior analyst with CEI, told reporters. “These governors should immediately release all details about the collusion with these groups, who themselves have a lot to answer for.”

“In all three of those states, a gift is anything of value,” said Horner, who’s group has criticized environmentalists in the past. “The gifts here include a report, and PR services yielding, for example, a New York Times story promoting their ‘leadership.’ We see they met to discuss private offers to hire staffers to be at politicians’ disposal.”

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