Dozens of Groups Press Trump to Exit Paris Climate Deal

Washington Examiner covers a coalition letter led by CEI urging Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty.

More than three dozen conservative and free-market groups pressed President Trump on Monday to exit from the Paris climate change agreement and not renege on the promise he made during his campaign.

“The undersigned organizations believe that withdrawing completely from Paris is a key part of your plan to protect U.S. energy producers and manufacturers from regulatory warfare not just for the next four years but also for decades to come,” a letter sent to Trump on Monday read, signed onto by 38 groups. “We will strongly support your decision to keep your campaign commitment to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty.”

The groups leading the letter are the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the American Energy Alliance. Senior members of both groups were the heads of Trump’s transition teams for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department respectively.

“The Paris Climate Treaty is an all pain for no gain agreement that will produce no measurable climate benefits and exacerbate energy poverty around the globe,” said Myron Ebell, former head of Trump’s EPA transition team and director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment.

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