Emails: EPA Rushed to Resolve Tesla’s ‘Million Dollar’ Bureaucratic Snafu

The Washington Free Beacon reports on emails obtained by CEI through their FOIA request, and speak with Chris Horner for more details.

The emails between the EPA and Tesla were obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute through a Freedom of Information Act request. CEI senior fellow Chris Horner didn’t buy the EPA’s explanation. He suggested that its expeditious handling of the matter showed deference to Tesla that the agency would never show to a less politically fashionable company—or to everyday Americans.

“Don’t wait in line at the DMV when you can just ask for the Secretary of Transportation,” Horner quipped in an email. “Tell them your license expired and, what with the economy going to hell, you never got around to it. The name’s Tesla, maybe Solyndra, and you haven’t got all day.​”

“Apparently what really works is being someone who depends on government to keep you going. Then you get what I call service.”

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