Energy Agenda, Stalled

The Washington Examiner cited Director of the Center for Energy and Environment on President Trump’s planned climate change review panel.

The administration is “running up against the problem that the majority of the deregulatory rules will not be final and fully litigated before the end of the first Trump term,” said Myron Ebell, the president’s former Environmental Protection Agency transition official. “And that means if President Trump is not re-elected, the next president can undo them much more quickly than he would otherwise be able to do if they were final and had been litigated.”

Ebell, who leads the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute’s environmental arm, was in charge of rerouting the EPA from the previous administration’s agenda to that of President Trump. He was integral in turning the president’s campaign promises into recommendations that made up Trump’s rollback of former President Obama’s climate regulations and other environmental rules.

But Ebell said that the administration hasn’t implemented the agenda fast enough, and that it has taken EPA two years to accomplish what should have taken it one year.

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