Environmentalists Worry Trump’s EPA Pick Will Harm Unborn Children

The Federalist discusses the Environmental Defense Fund’s attack ad on Scott Pruitt with William Yeatman. 

Now here’s where things get fun. The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s William Yeatman explains the citation for this claim comes from a brief penned by more than 20 attorneys general to the U.S. Court of Appeals explaining to the court that a series of EPA regulations wouldn’t help anyone’s health and that its $10 billion price tag was too much.

“Pruitt wasn’t questioning mercury’s effect on human health,” Yeatman writes. “Rather, he was objecting to EPA’s mercury rule, which he argued had no impact on human health.”

So the ad’s claims — that Pruitt is fine with exposing unborn babies to dangerous levels of mercury — are misleading at best. Tall tales aren’t a new tactic from liberals, but caring about the life of an unborn child and being comfortable with a sonogram image is uncharted territory.

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