EPA Grants Itself Power To Regulate Ponds, Ditches, Puddles

The Daily Caller quotes William Yeatman on the EPA's new guidelines for the Clean Water Act: 

“Rather than clarifying the Clean Water Act, today’s ‘interpretive’ guideline from the EPA called the ‘Waters of the United States’ rule entrenches the confused, case-by-case ‘significant nexus’ approach employed by the EPA and USACE,” William Yeatman, a policy analyst at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute said in an emailed statement.

“What’s the point of muddying the (interpretive) waters?” Yeatman asked. “The answer is that a federal government intent on expanding its jurisdiction welcomes ambiguity, because blurry lines are more easily crossed than definitive boundaries. In this fashion, today’s rule codifies uncertainty, which is the opposite of what a clarifying rule is supposed to do.”