Fauci takes heat after casting doubt on efficacy of COVID vaccines

Photo Credit: Getty

CEI’s Joel Zinberg is cited in The Center Square on COVID vaccines:

Joel Zinberg, a Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow, blasted Fauci for pushing for strict mandates despite the concerns with the vaccine.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci recently acknowledged that there had always been good scientific reasons to believe that vaccines against the respiratory virus that causes COVID-19 – SARS-CoV-2 – would provide limited protection against infection and only for a short time,” Zinberg told The Center Square.

“Thousands of workers who were, perhaps ill-advisedly, willing to risk severe illness themselves, were fired even though vaccines would protect neither them nor their co-workers from infection. Essential personnel including firefighters, police and the military have been lost,” Zinberg said. “Fauci’s prolonged reluctance to acknowledge the predictable shortcomings of COVID vaccines has undermined trust in public health authorities. Even with government efforts to censure ‘misinformation,’ the decreased effectiveness of vaccines in stopping transmission became public knowledge. When the next pandemic comes, people may have little faith in the advice they receive, with potentially disastrous consequences.”

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