FCC Releases Title II Broadband NOI for Comment

Cablefax discusses Ryan Radia and Wayne Crews's comments on the FCC Title II Broadband NOI. 

Reaction to this vote was immediate. Competitive Enterprise Institute telecom policy analysts Ryan Radia and Wayne Crews weighed in first, with Radia writing, “America’s telecommunications landscape wilted for much of the 20th century under the FCC’s public utility-style regulation – precisely the type of regulation the Commission now wishes to perpetuate in the broadband sector. To the extent that there is insufficient broadband competition in the United States, price controls and other federal mandates are to blame. Broadband users need less government, not more.”

Added Crews, “The removal of government regulation – deregulation – does not mean that the industry is unregulated. Competition, or even the threat of competition, regulates the behaviors of companies in efficient and consumer-enhancing ways. In communications, competition exists among an increasing number of platforms.”

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