FDA Bans Trans Fats

The Heartlanderquotes CEI`s Michelle Minton on the FDA ban on trans fats:

Michelle Minton, a Competitive Enterprise Institute fellow specializing in consumer policy and FDA regulation of non-pharmaceuticals, says there was no need for the ban because the nation’s public had already educated themselves through labeling and public service announcements, which shows the free-market system works.

“Americans have almost completely eliminated trans fats from their diets voluntarily, so this proves the market works,” Minton said. “The additive was generally recognized as safe, but this administration believes any amount is harmful. We know large amounts are not good for you, but none of the research has looked at the effects of low intake of trans fats.

“People should be able to make their own dietary decisions, not [coerced by] government and biased scientists,” Minton said. “Government has shown time and time again that when it meddles in food choices, it makes the wrong decisions.”