Federal Government Needs Major Overhaul to Cut Red Tape, Reduce Costs: Report

The Washington Times covers CEI’s latest publication Shrinking Government Bureaucracy.

Shrinking the federal bureaucracy would spur economic growth and reduce costs to taxpayers, according to a report released Wednesday that targets agencies such as the EPA, the National Labor Relations Board and the Commerce Department for paring down or outright elimination.

The free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute said dramatically decreasing federal regulations “could boost the economy, unshackle job creators, and put more money back in Americans’ pockets.”

“Neither clarity nor efficiency in government has improved in the past eight decades,” says CEI President Kent Lassman. “The federal government’s multitudes of offices, boards, commissions, and agencies are not at all organized and surely not suited to the task of responsible government. It is long past time for Washington to focus on regulatory reform.”

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