Federal Register Adds Nearly 1600 Pages of New Regulations

Breitbart discusses the latest regulatory numbers with CEI's Ryan Young.

Not to be outdone by the congressional 1,603 page Cromnibus spending bill, government agencies in Washington added almost as many pages to the Federal Register with new regulations and rules last week alone.

The D.C. watchdog organization the Competitive Enterprise Institute notes that 63 final regulations were published last week, and 71 new rules were published in the previous week. That's roughly a new regulation every two hours and 40 minutes. This year 3,377 final regulations have been published in the Federal Register. If the pace continues, there would be a total of 3,532 new regulations this year.

According to CEI analyst Ryan Young, "Currently at 74,014 pages, the 2014 Federal Register is on pace for 77,421 pages. This would be the 6th-largest page count since the Federal Register began publication in 1936."

43 “economically significant” rules have been published so far this year. This means they'll cost $100 million or more in a given year.
"The total estimated compliance costs of 2014’s economically significant regulations currently ranges from $8.18 billion to $11.65 billion. They also affect several billion dollars of government spending," Young says.