Federal Sports-Betting Regulation Bombs

Stiffs and Georges cited CEI on sports betting regulations.

At least one woman was treated with respect yesterday on Capitol Hill and that was the American Gaming Association‘s Sara Slane. We reviewed her prepared testimony yesterday. “Because of the active, robust state and regulatory tribal gaming oversight, gaming is one of the most strictly regulated industries in America. Right now, over 4,000 gaming regulators with budgets that exceed $1.3 billion dollars oversee the gaming industry,” testified Slane. “Just as Congress has refrained from regulating lotteries, slot machines, table games and other gambling products, it should leave sports betting oversight to the states and tribes that are closest to the market,” she told the House committee. She got backup from Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairwoman Becky Harris, who said,“States do a great job in every area including sports betting and we’ve just begun to see the roll out in other states. Nevada has a comprehensive regulatory structure that has been refined over decades, and we have a lot of integrity in our process.” Nor is the AGA an outlier on the idea that the federal government ought to butt out of regulating sports betting. “Part of the magic of America is the fifty states’ function as the laboratories of democracy,” writes Citizens Against Government Waste. Sen. Charles Schumer (D) “and others fail to recognize is that their proposed regulations will only make it more attractive for consumers stay on the black market, preserving criminal activity and increasing the risk of corruption in sports,” says the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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