Federal War on CO2 Leaves Americans Waiting to Exhale

Human Events reports on Iain Murray's presentation at the Heritage Foundation's Resource Bank. 

As Iain Murray explains, achieving this goal involves numbers almost too huge to count and projects nearly too large to contemplate. During an April 23 seminar at the Heritage Foundation’s Resource Bank here, Murray — a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute — detailed what it takes to cut Earth’s CO2 by about 50 percent by the time people party likes it’s 2099.

“The idea that the world can achieve these atmospheric targets at anything approaching affordable cost is quite simply fantasy,” Murray tells me. “After 10 years with no temperature increase — something the climate models failed to predict — it is irresponsible in the extreme to suggest we should try to meet these targets at any cost. It would be like Gerald Ford’s flu vaccinations, which seemed like a good idea to save a few hundred lives, but ended up killing a thousand. Except the human cost here could be orders of magnitude bigger.”

Two days before Murray’s presentation, Angelenos broiled in 90-degree heat. Hours after he spoke, Heritage’s guests at the posh Century Plaza Hotel huddled around the X Bar’s outdoor fire pits and struggled to stay warm amid unusually brisk evening temperatures. This confirmed an observation by one of Iain Murray’s colleagues that encapsulates the folly of this entire issue.

“Today, we call it climate change,” CEI’s Chris Horner has said. “We used to call it weather.”

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