Fighting back against global warming scalp-hunters

Washington Examiner reports on CEI's fight against an attack on their First Amendment rights in the form of a subpoena from Attorney General Claude Walker. 

As we noted recently, these liberal AGs are clearly abusing their power and assailing citizens' First Amendment rights. Their case is extremely flimsy and will not stand up to constitutional scrutiny. Their actions might even be worthy of legal sanctions, if there are judges out there tough enough to impose them.

Already, the attorney general of the Virgin Islands was forced to withdraw his broad subpoena of documents related to Exxon from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute. The Washington-based group made him back down by suing him for violating the D.C. law against so-called "strategic lawsuits" — that is, the use of civil courts to intimidate defendants from engaging in protected First Amendment activities. Unfortunately, this inquisition is quite large in scale, and has in fact targeted 90 different conservative groups.

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