Foes of climate rule find new weapon in EPA mine case

E&E News reports on CEI's arguments against the legality of the Enviornmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. 

A federal court should take into account a case involving U.S. EPA's retroactive veto of a water permit for a mining project as it considers the legality of the Clean Power Plan, an opponent to the rule argued yesterday.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that the dissent in the water permit case "strongly supports" its arguments that EPA failed to adequately consider the costs and benefits of its power plant rule.

In a filing, CEI asked that the D.C. Circuit allow time for cost-benefit issues at upcoming oral arguments on the Clean Power Plan in September.

While the D.C. Circuit sided with the Obama administration in the case, the Competitive Enterprise Institute yesterday argued that "the only judge to reach the cost-benefit issue" found that the permit should have been vacated.

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