Franchise Businesses Expect Faster Growth Under Trump

InsideSources covers deregulation under the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump was credited by a major franchise association Monday with the sector expecting to outperform the overall economy at an even greater pace.

The franchise model has been able to directly support millions of jobs – while indirectly boosting employment in industries like manufacturing and agriculture. It has also able to weather the sluggish economy over the last decade better than other sectors. Now franchise businesses expect even greater growth now that the economy is picking up pace.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) highlighted its economic forecast for the next year during a teleconference call Monday. Republican Sen. John Barrasso, industry experts, and a franchise owner discussed the findings during the call – crediting the president and congressional leaders for the expected increase in growth.

Trump and his administration have made notable cuts to regulations and other federal rules over the past year. The Competitive Enterprise Institute found in a report Oct. 1 that the administration had reduced the federal register by 32 percent. The American Action Forum found that those reductions have saved $560 million annually.

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