Free-market think tank sues Treasury Dept. for withholding internal carbon tax documents

From Michael Bastasch's article in The Daily Caller:

On Monday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute announced it had filed a lawsuit against the Treasury Department to compel them to “stop stonewalling” and release internal documents related to plans for a “possible effort” to enact a carbon tax during Congress’ lame-duck session this fall.

“Plans for post-election tax hikes are precisely the type issue that taxpayers deserve to have discussed openly, pre-election,” Chris Horner, CEI senior fellow and author of “The Liberal War on Transparency,” told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Detecting a concerted effort to pass a carbon tax, CEI filed a Freedom of Information Act request on August 8 with the Treasury Department Office of the Deputy Secretary for Environment and Energy and also with the Office of Legislative Affairs, asking for “deliberations pertaining to the carbon tax.”

“Despite President Barack Obama’s repeated promises for openness and transparency in government, the Treasury Department failed to even acknowledge CEI’s FOIA request as required by law.” wrote Horner.