GMU Profs Worked to Silence Climate Change Skeptics

Newsmax discusses with Chris Horner the emails CEI uncovered through their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that reveal professors petitioning the government to prosecute global warming critics. 

Two George Mason University climate science professors reportedly plotted how to win support for a petition calling on the government to prosecute global warming critics.

"They were running a well-used page in their playbook … get the legacy media to play defense for them," Chris Horner, who obtained the internal emails with a Freedom of Information Act request, tells

Horner, who works at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, charges officials at the public university initially told him there weren't any records of the two professors discussing RICO prosecution in their official capacity.

Horner tells he wanted the emails made public "to educate the public how taxpayer resources were used" to push for censorship of climate change skeptics.​

The emails, ordered released May 13, show Shukla and Maibach planning to create a stir in the media, and trying to win over conservatives, with their petition to the government for the RICO prosecution, reports.

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