Group Defending Power Plant Rule Secretly Talked With EPA, Emails Show

The Washington Free Beacon reports on emails discussing a enviornmental consulting firms secret work for the EPA, which Chris Horner obtained through a request under the Freedom of Information Act. 

Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute who obtained the emails through requests under the Freedom of Information Act, said that the EPA’s behind-the-scenes work with the firm compromises the objectivity of its findings on 111(d)’s achievability.

“Pieced together [the emails] tell a story, clearly. In short, the remarkably close relationship at high levels of EPA activists … with Michael J. Bradley and his client on whose behalf he performs these works of wonder, the Clean Energy Group,” Horner wrote in an email.

“This represents the next shoe to drop in the story about EPA’s unlawful work to generate an echo chamber” to support its regulations, he said.

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