Groups liken Dems’ climate attacks to the tyranny of King George

Washington Examiner reports on a letter CEI and other free-market groups sent in response to the Senate Democrats' attack on those who disagree with their stance on climate change. 

A coalition of conservative groups are likening Democrats' two days of attacks against them on climate change to the tyrannical reign of King George.

"In a country where you should be the patriots leading us into a great future, sadly today you are the tyrants," the groups said in a letter to Senate Democrats who used a series of floor speeches this week to criticize a number of free-market groups for supporting an anti-climate campaign that they say was funded by Exxon Mobil.

The groups assert that they have a right to debate the science of climate change, and any effort to block them from doing so is nothing less than a violation of their free speech rights under the Constitution.

The letter was signed by 21 free-market and conservative groups, including Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Heartland Institute, Pacific Research Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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