Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived?


The Competitive Enterprise Institute's annual dinner and CEI president Lawson Bader are mentioned in a New York Times magazine feature article examining the opportunities and potential role for libertarians and free-market ideas in today’s political landscape:

A few weeks after our conversation, I saw Kennedy onstage in a hotel ballroom, wearing purple spandex, gyrating to the soundtrack of “Flashdance” and hollering into a microphone, “Are you hungry for more liberty?” She was the M.C. for the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner, which, as Welch put it to me, “in the tallest-dwarf category is considered to be one of D.C.'s best annual galas.” The C.E.I. is a 30-year-old organization that routinely sues federal agencies, often when new and onerous regulations are posted in the Federal Register. Tonight’s banquet had advertised itself as having an ‘80s theme, and so several of the 800 attendees arrived dressed as pop icons of that decade. After being introduced by Kennedy, the institute’s president, Lawson Bader, strode to the stage wearing the decidedly pre-1980s Scottish formal attire of black jacket and kilt. Announcing pending lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act and the N.S.A., Bader thundered, to righteous applause, “C.E.I. will continue to push back!”

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