Here’s Why The Biden Admin’s Multi-Billion Dollar EV Charging Program Has Short-Circuited

Photo Credit: Getty

CEI’s Marlo Lewis was cited on the Daily Caller regarding the Biden administration’s multi-billion dollar EV charging program:

Marlo Lewis, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the DCNF that federal regulations pertaining to the specific parameters of the installation sites must be met before the projects can be finished, adding on bureaucratic red tape. Additionally, the government’s insistence on dedicating resources to certain constituencies that would bolster the current administration’s election prospects has created limits on procuring those assets.

“This is a central planning snarl-up,” Lewis told the DCNF. “The subsidies exceed the scale of market demand. States complain of inflexible requirements regarding how far apart charging stations must be, how many charge ports must be built per station, and how many must be located in disadvantaged communities. In addition, central planning and politics are joined at the hip, so workforces must be certified by unions, and materials such as iron and steel must be sourced from American companies.”

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