Hillary Clinton Could Face Jail Time as Email Scandal Sparks Legal Challenges

Christopher Horner discusses Hilary Clinton's private email account with the Washington Times:

The moves have raised a number of questions about her potential legal jeopardy amid arcane and somewhat outdated open records rules.

“Officials are not allowed to do this, but if they do, they’ll get away with it,” said Christopher Horner, a researcher who has regularly battled the Obama administration over open records laws. “It is a matter of agency self-enforcement. If the agency head is doing this, good luck with self-enforcement.”

Mr. Horner, the man who exposed former EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s use of fake email alias “Richard Windsor,” said Mrs. Clinton’s chief legal problem could come if someone can prove she handled classified material on her private account. But since she controlled all access to her emails by running her own private server, it will be difficult to prove — unless another party in the email exchanges comes forward.

“So long as she retains possession, sole custody, of her server, which obviously was the point of the server, she has greatly reduced her exposure to legal jeopardy unless or until anyone at the other end of correspondence comes out,” Mr. Horner said.

He said it was “implausible” Mrs. Clinton didn’t handle classified information on her account, but in her press conference Tuesday, she said that was the case.