Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Is About to Cause Headaches for the EPA

Senior Fellow Christopher Horner discusses CEI's latest lawsuit against the EPA's FOIA stonewall with the New Republic:

On Wednesday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute sued the EPA, alleging the agency is stonewalling a Freedom of Information Act request for former EPA chief Lisa Jackson's emails. For years, conservatives have charged that Jackson used a secondary email account under the alias "Richard Windsor" to hide green lobbyists' influence in crafting coal regulations. Jackson has insisted that the second account was used only for personal matters, and an inspector general report found "no evidence" that the email address was to conceal information from the public. But CEI believes the EPA is still hiding something by refusing to disclose more than 100 documents per month (out of the 120,000 records CEI requested).

Clinton’s emails, according to CEI, show that their concern over the EPA is justified. “Hillary Clinton and EPA’s Richard Windsor both seem to be on the administration’s transparency dodgeball team, dodging the public’s requests to know what they’re up to,” said CEI senior fellow Chris Horner. “After EPA stonewalled even a federal mediation process, we now turn to the court for relief from an agency behaving as if it is above the law.”