How Could EPA Avoid ‘Sue and Settle’ Problem?

OneNewsNow discusses the EPA’s “sue and settle” directive with Chris Horner.

Lawsuits involving environmental groups and the EPA may not be going away, even though EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says they’re doing away with the practice of “sue and settle.

Sue and settle is a situation in which agencies miss regulation deadlines and then get sued by organizations, resulting in settlements that critics say sometimes involve new regulations that avoided the typical constitutional process. Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) adds that the practice even excluded voices at times.

“The last EPA even litigated to keep others away from the table, so it was just them and green groups creating what is in effect regulation for the economy this way,” he explains.

If the EPA administrator really wants to get serious about this, then Chris Horner says Scott Pruitt should go after resources dedicated to all the “Obama administration hobby horsing.”

“He said he wants to stick to its core missions,” says Horner. “If he returned these people who are busy working on ideological hobbies and focused them on statutory, mandated, date-certain deadline meeting, you would avoid a lot of this problem.”

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