How Trump is Doing at Cutting Regs

The Hill discusses President Trump’s progress on cutting regulations with Wayne Crews.

President Trump is making headway on at least one campaign promise: cutting regulations.

Shortly after the election, Trump boasted that 75 percent of federal regulations could be eliminated, arguing that too much regulation was preventing businesses from growing and hiring.


Trump in January directed federal agencies to repeal two rules for every one they issue.

Experts say Trump has little to show here so far.

Wayne Crews, vice president for policy at the libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, said there’s been a slowdown of agency rulemakings, but he hasn’t seen a flurry of two-for-one repeals.

“What you’ve seen instead is a disinclination to issue new rules,” he said.

By Crews’s tally, federal agencies released 1,509 rules in Trump’s first six months in office compared to Obama’s 1,865 rules.

Of those 1,509 rules, 99 were significant, meaning they carried an annual economic impact of $100 million or more. Obama in his first six months issued 173 significant rules.

“I would say in terms of what an executive can do alone within the rule of law, he’s probably done about as much as can be expected,” Crews said.

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