How will scrapping of US internet privacy rules affect me?

BBC discusses the Federal Communication Commission’s broadband privacy rule with Ryan Radia. 

The original FCC rule sought to protect customer proprietary information including, “financial information, health information, Social Security numbers, precise geo-location information, information pertaining to children, content of communications, web browsing history, application usage history, and the functional equivalents of web browsing history or application usage history”.

Now that data is conceivably up for grabs to ISPs.

However, Ryan Radia, regulatory counsel at the pro-business think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, says he doesn’t think that ISPs will be able to retain their customer base if they’re selling off highly personal or de-anonymised information.

“No self-respecting ISP is ever going to do anything to let that happen intentionally,” he says. “[It’ll be] what domain names you visited, what broad interest category, maybe detailed URLs – certainly demographics.”
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