Inhofe: AGs Using Extreme Tactic To Silence Global Warming Skeptics

The Daily Caller discussses Attorney General Claude Walker's subpoena of CEI with Senator Jim Inhofe. 

Exxon and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the only think tank subpoenaed so far, have both launched legal challenges to Walker’s subpoenas. CEI argued Walker’s subpoena is an attack on free speech.

Inhofe agrees, and argues the subpoena is meant to silence critics of left-wing claims that humans are causing catastrophic global warming.

“While the AGs have attempted to package this latest effort as a legal matter, this is nothing more than a misuse of power to score cheap political points,” he said. “In fact, it is no different than the tactics used by my Democrat colleagues in Congress or the collusive campaign launched by radical environmental activists to target many of these same people and organizations.”

“This is a step too far,” he said. “They know it and will be held accountable.”

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