Inside The Supreme Court Case That Could Change How America Gets Its Power

The Daily Caller interviews William Yeatman on the Supreme Court case which is determining the legality of a policy that promotes "demand-side management" of green energy services.

William Yeatman, a Senior Fellow specializing in energy markets at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation via email:

"Under the Obama administration, FERC has been pursuing policies to encourage demand-side management (DSM). DSM is a wholly contrived business based on the silly notion that it is more efficient for government to try to control demand by paying consumers not to use energy than it is for the market to control demand through a responsive price signal. If the agency wins, and federal authority is thus expanded, then it is likely that the Environmental Protection Agency would try to coopt this new federal authority by forcing states to implement DSM policy in the name of mitigating climate change."