Is Network Neutrality Becoming a Partisan Issue?

Vox cites CEI's Ryan Radia on the Net Neutrality debate:

Ryan Radia, a telecom policy expert at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, expects the Republican-controlled Congress to become more hostile toward the FCC as the result of Wheeler's latest move.

"If Tom Wheeler wanted to anger Congressional Republicans, he's done it," Radia says. "For the rest of this congress, Republicans will do what they can to make things unpleasant for the FCC."

Radia notes that Thune recently proposed requiring Congress to regularly reauthorize the FCC, effectively putting the independent agency on a shorter leash. As Congress works to overhaul telecommunications law in the coming years, Republicans will be more leery of giving the FCC broad authority, he says.

And Radia predicts that if a Republican captures the White House in 2016, he will appoint someone who will go to work reversing Wheeler's network neutrality rules.