Just when you think you’ve heard the last …

One News Now speaks with William Yeatman on President Trump’s Executive Order withdrawing much of Obama’s climate policies. 

“I strongly doubt that the executive order per se in and of itself would be the subject of a legal challenge,” says the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s William Yeatman, a supporter of Trump’s executive order. “However, all the actions executed thereto – that is, all the things he told agencies to do – when they are done, I can guarantee you they will all be litigated … and litigation takes time, years even.”

“I’ll put it this way: if it was legal for President Obama to use his phone and pen to impose all these things unilaterally, then of course it’s legal for a subsequent president to withdraw all these things unilaterally,” he explains. “That’s just how policymaking works.”

Yeatman also points out that the Clean Power Plan was already in limbo after the U.S. Supreme Court took the “unprecedented step of pausing the rule” while litigation worked its way through the federal courts.

Regardless, Yeatman and CEI have long thought the Clean Power Plan and other rules were all pain and no gain.

“They effectively overturned the electric sector, which is the backbone of our economy, in order to achieve a supposed climate benefit of preventing sea-level rise the equivalent of the width of three pages of paper,” he says. “To the extent that this executive order heralds that the American people will avoid a regulation that costs billions of dollars and will achieve nothing, this is good news.”

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