Labor Board Case Puts New ‘Joint-Employer’ Rule To The Test

The Daily Caller talks to CEI's Aloysius Hogan on the NLRB joint employer rule:

“The lawsuits against McDonald’s are aimed at using government to upend successful business franchise arrangements that work for so many entrepreneurs and employees,” Aloysius Hogan, a senior fellow at Competitive Enterprise Institute, declared in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“It’s not just McDonald’s on trial – if the lawsuits succeed, workers and consumers will be negatively impacted, as well,” Hogan argued. “This attempt to designate businesses as joint employers could transform virtually everyone into an employee of a big conglomerate that, in turn, faces huge liabilities and expenses and is more easily unionized.”

“The salaries, jobs, and purchasing power of real people are put at risk by these lawsuits brought by Big Labor,” Hogan added.